Build your brand with an insight-driven advertising agency that believes in taking action. Read on to discover just how.

In brief

Since 1993

Established in 1993 Marketsquare is owned by Jens Thrane-Møller, Camilla Flindt Hjælmhof and Steen Halbye. Marketsquare has extensive experience with brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce and manufacturers of brand goods. Over the years we have also consulted on and solved a wealth of tasks for, e.g. service companies and interest groups. All within both BTC and BTB.


At Marketsquare the first step we take is to gain an in-depth understanding of our client’s business and their customers’ behaviour. Our collaboration is based on mutual respect, trust and ongoing feedback. Modesty aside, we’re thrilled that we have clients who have worked with us for many, many years.


Our philosophy

Brands must be seen, heard, felt and experienced. Regardless of whether the aim is to build awareness or generate short-term sales, every action can strengthen the relationship between customer and brand. Or the exact opposite. Never before has the world been awash in so much data. Consumer behaviour is meticulously monitored, algorithms inundating people with what they supposedly like. Low-funnel marketing has become a quick and measurable fix, with loads of money being thrown at it. At the same time, however, this approach has put brands in a subordinate position. Continuing in this direction will wind up in a race to the bottom, with those blindly optimising their low-funnel marketing arriving there first.

What is the distance between long and short term?

Of course it is important to measure everything that can be measured and, by all means, to learn from it. If the value of the brand is not taken into account, the results will clearly reflect this. Consumers shop with their hearts as much as their minds; they can quickly gain knowledge about a brand that is as expansive as the reams of consumer data collected, allowing them to rapidly cut through the nonsense to toss aside brands that do not walk the talk. So, no, branding and sales are inextricably intertwined, which means the traditionally sharp divide between the top and the bottom of the sales funnel is meaningless.

Fortunately, a sea change is in full swing. The winners battling in today’s marketplace appeal to consumers through more than just price and product. The winners have something to say and dare to gracefully invite consumers to take part.

Brands that can be seen, heard, felt and experienced bolster their customer relationships and the desire to make a purchase. Because they’ve earned it.