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Award-winning visual identity for new street food concept

Yatai means “street kitchen”. We developed Yatai’s visual identity from scratch.


Mobius. Excellence in Brand Identity

Yatai by Jens Rahbek

Jens Rahbek has Japanese roots and is a creator of the popular restaurant chain Sticks ’n’ Sushi, providing him with the background necessary to invent a new food concept based on Japanese and Korean street food. Our task was to design a visual identity that embraced Yatai’s accessibility and no-frills approach to serving delicious food steeped in tradition, yet at prices that are easy on the pocketbook.

Japanese aesthetics, Danish unpretentiousness

We were inspired by Jens’ Japanese roots and the stories he shared with us about his childhood and travels. The result was a distinctive logo, visual identity and communication platform that combine Japanese aesthetics, clean lines and bold colours with a laid back Danish approach that includes a touch of humour in its style and tone. Our efforts were recognised with a Mobius Excellence in Brand Identity award.

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