Shoddy advise

Would you accept shoddy advice?

Pharmacies are seeing a sharp shift in the distinction between their product selection and what others offer as an increasing number of players, ranging from kiosks and supermarkets to online providers, enter the market to meet the needs of Danish consumers for over-the-counter medicines and care products.

Who can you trust?

Despite the various players, pharmacies still retain the highest level of credibility for giving advice about over-the-counter medicines and care products. Thus, a communications concept was required to remind Danish consumers of this trust.


The concept is based on the insight that Danes increasingly seek “good” advice from friends, family, bloggers and other self-appointed experts. In many instances, however, these people have no idea what they’re talking about, much of their advice based on folklore and half-truths – at best it has no effect and at worst it harms people’s health. Pharmacies, on the other hand, have highly trained staff able to provide individual, accurate advice to customers. Consequently the phrase: “Get the right advice here” became the focal point of the campaign.

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