Award-winning design

Award-winning design

The Pilersuisoq supermarket chain gets a new brand identity that reflects the Greenland it serves.


Red Dot
European Excellence Award
Mobius 2020

64 stores

Greenland’s largest supermarket chain, Pilersuisoq, has 64 stores nationwide

Pilersuisoq, which has 64 stores, is part of KNI, which is contractually obligated to deliver supplies in Greenland, from the smallest settlement to the largest city. That’s why Pilersuisoq’s new brand identity naturally had to reflect the nation it serves to a greater extent and reposition the chain as a genuinely Greenlandic retailer.

To support its national identity while maintaining the distinctiveness of each urban area and rural settlement it was decided that the new brand and store profiles should specifically reflect Greenlandic culture, history and the unique aspects of each individual settlement. The aim was to transform its generic supermarket design into a clearly Greenlandic identity.

In 2020 the design received a Red Dot Award in Brand & Communication Design, a European Excellence Award and most recently a Mobius Certificate for Outstanding Creativity.

The strong Greenlandic culture is especially reflected in local portraits, the characteristic wooden houses and local symbols from the nation’s various regions. In essence the local aspects of Greenlandic culture differentiated the design, giving local residents something to relate to that mirrored their culture and surroundings. No other retailer in Greenland has ever provided this type of experience for local communities, ultimately contributing to creating a greater sense of national pride.

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