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Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) is one of Scandinavia’s largest port operators and a full-service harbour in the Øresund region.

+1 million passengers

Add to that even more professional ship operators, all of whom require multiple kinds of information

2 countries

CMP manages operations in both Denmark and Sweden

WordPress was developed using WordPress

84 pages

In addition to the group’s website, Marketsquare also develops CMP’s annual report

Dock worker icons

Icons are an essential navigation tool for this expansive website. Various custom-made icons with the same style are used in both the website and the annual report.

Check out CMP’s new website

Responsive design

For us, it goes without saying that users can visit Copenhagen, Malmø and Visby from any type of device.

Annual report

Marketsquare is also responsible for the design and layout of CMP’s annual report. To make reading about the company’s progress inviting we combined dry numbers with CMP’s visual identity and maritime photos. Graphs present key figures and the report replicates the icons used on the website.

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