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P as in purpose

Very few people pay fully automatic parking facilities any notice but when there’s free “don’t drink and drive” parking, free parking for new drivers and a bonus for dents, it’s a whole different story. Two car parks owned by Realdania Foundation and Securitas set out to do something nice for their neighbours that had a much greater impact than expected.


Two cultural centres, DOKK1 in Aarhus and BLOX in Copenhagen, Denmark have modern, fully automated parking facilities unmatched by their nearest competitors. A key aspect of the car park project was low-involvement service

A purpose that generated PR

The free parking campaigns for new drivers and “don’t drink and drive” parking generated major publicity, ultimately resulting in greater familiarity and an increase in parking during the campaign

Free “don’t drink and drive” parking

Everyone knows what can happen during a night on the town!

From low to high involvement

A natural focal point of the campaign is the fact that DOKK1 and BLOX actually offer the easiest parking in their respective city. But what does it take to get busy consumers involved in something as mundane as quick and easy parking?

The answer is publicity generated from doing something nice, like offering free parking to new drivers, who often feel intimidated by parallel parking. The campaign showing new drivers trying to park between two puppies quickly spread the word. Free “don’t drink and drive” parking also effectively generated a great deal of publicity in local and even national media outlets by reminding people not to get behind the wheel if they had been drinking.


Sixty-eight percent of 18–29 year olds were either very positive or positive toward advertisements and report that they felt like parking at DOKK1 after seeing the ad.

Game-changer in the rental car market

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