Built on insights.
Driven by creativity.


About us

Marketsquare was founded in 1993 and is today owned by Jens Thrane-Møller, Camilla Flindt Hjælmhof and David Asmussen and chairman of the board Steen Halbye.

We advise and work with retailers, e-commerce platforms, BtC brands, BtC businesses, service companies and NGOs.

The result of our work is based on understanding our clients’ business and their customers’ behaviour. Our client relations are based on mutual respect, trust and professional sparring.

Regardless of whether the aim is to build awareness or create short-term sales, we believe that brands must be seen, heard, felt and experienced by the consumers. And marketers should be aware, that all actions can strengthen but potentially harm the relationship between the consumer and the brand.



Full Service

Insights & Strategy

Our DNA is to understand our clients’ business and advise brands on how to use their DNA.

Every effective campaign is built on solid insights and an impactful strategy. We work with a wide range of tools that enriches our understanding of the market, our clients’ business and their customers’ behaviour.

We do research and strategy for retail chains, BtC brands, BtB companies, service companies, shopping centers, service companies and NGOs.

Concepts & Campaigns

Consumers should be able to both see, hear, feel and experience a brand. We develop concepts and campaigns that can strenghten the relationship between the brand and the consumer and that can be activated platform and media channel independantly.

Our work is firmly anchored on two fronts. The longer term brand-building and the shorter term result creation. Always balancing what a brands says, and what a brand does.

Digital & Social

The interaction between platforms is more important than ever and our work is optimized accordingly. From strategy, insights, idea, IA/UX and digital design to technical development, implementation and reporting.

We ensure that our Social Media work always has it’s starting point in the brand’s overall communications efforts. We deliver content strategy and content plans, paid strategy, community management and ongoing monitoring.


A strong design and impactful visual identity is one of the brand’s most important assets. Good brand design is based on the brand’s unique characteristics and delivers on all contact points, both online and offline.

We do logo design, corporate visual identity programs, packaging design, instore design, clothing and internal presentation kits. We help anchor the design both externally and internally via design guides and communication playbooks. We also frequently assist companies that have internal graphic design functions.


We produce content to Social Media platforms, magazines and newsletters. Our copywriters cover everything from reports, interviews and portraits to product texts, and our Art Directors produce lifestyle and fashion work. Our film department manages the whole value chain including script development, casting, line up, shoot and editing.

Our in-house approach ensures integration across all media platforms and also optimization of processes with relations to both economy and flexibility.