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Understanding our clients’ business

Marketsquare Insights

We use research, tools and brand models that contribute to understanding complex marketing challenges. Solid insights are the foundation for our strategic advisory.

Every year we conduct our comprehensive Marketsquare Shopper Insights study with the participation of more than 3.000 respondents. In this study, we clarify purchasing behaviour across more than 15 industries. The study covers both retail and online behaviour and is broken down into generations: Gen Z, Y, X and Baby Boomers.

We cover both awareness, preferences and actual behaviour. The study provides surprising and thought-provoking data about what determines where consumers will eventually put their money and also showcases major differences across industries.

The study also delivers new insights into the importance of consumers’ sustainability criteria. Most recently, we have added a Retail Brand Power sub-study that uncovers which brands within each category that are considered excellent by the consumers.

Marketsquare Shopper Insights 2024

Marketsquare Shopper Insights

If you would like a presentation of Marketsquare Shopper Insights in general or perhaps focusing on a particular industry, don’t hesitate to contact CEO Jens Thrane-Møller or COO Camilla Flindt Hjælmhof.