Self Promotion


Recruitment campaign


Recruiting the best creative profiles in the advertising industry is no easy task. They are busy, in demand and do not respond to traditional job postings. As a creative agency, we had to come up with a way to catch the attention of the creatives.

There is a problem that arises again and again for Danish creatives. It is really difficult to find mockups of good locations in Denmark. 


Danish creative presentations and portfolios are often filled with billboard mockups from Times Square. That’s why we created a digital platform where you can find all the photoshop mockups that Danish creatives have been dreaming about. Free and available to everyone. 


But when the creatives download a mockup and open the file in photoshop, they are greeted by a recruitment campaign. And the name switches from Mockupsquare to Marketsquare. A digital trojan horse that turns a photoshop file into a free media space.