Digital activation

“Stop f**king with the batteries!”

The broad campaign with the familiar characters Bodil and Claes has been transformed from an overall awareness campaign to a 360 campaign including several digital assets.

About the campaign

For several years, the story about Bodil who is struggling to teach her husband Claes to return his batteries for recycling, has been one of Denmark's most popular public awareness TV-campaigns. But despite of a high awareness and a high level of sympathy there are still too many batteries that are not returned correctly for recycling. Thus, in this third round of the campaign we seeked to engage and activate the Danes via digital content on social media platforms.


We managed to enhance the digital activation without reducing the impact of the campaign. Measured by message understanding and liking, the campaign delivered at such a high level that it won the number one Danish effectiveness award “Rambukken” in 2022.

Hypocrisy creates engagement

The TV-spots with Bodil and Claes are aimed to create attention and liking. In addition to those, we launched a number of SoMe videos with Bodil where she smears the hypocrites who consider themselves ever so eco-friendly, but who in fact pollute heavily when they don’t remember to recycle their batteries.


The videos were built on the insight that most of us are in fact only selectively environmentally conscious. On one hand, we have meat-free days, eat chickpeas and drive electrical cars, but on the other hand we are still dumping our batteries in the bin. This double standard proved to be an excellent trigger to get the Danes to engage with the campaign and tag their friends, because we all know someone who takes pride in promoting his eco-friendliness and at the same time forget about recycling his batteries.

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