Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen X Mads Nørgaard

Fashion comes and goes. But good craftsmanship, a playful approach and the pride of being exactly like no one else – never go out of fashion. That's why Kay Bojesen collaborated with Mads Nørgaard to dress the iconic monkey in the famous 101 jersey - even in a special black/ecru version.

The Kay Bojesen monkey

Wood only comes to life when it has a story, said Kay Bojesen. His iconic monkey has come to life through generations since 1951, and today stands as a symbol of the highest quality craftsmanship.

Mads Nørgaards #101

All over the world, people have worked, danced and relaxed in the 101 t-shirt. The iconic stripes from 1967 are a classic that never goes out of style.

 Two design classics meet


We launched the collaboration between the two design icons in connection with Denmark’s annual design festival, 3daysofdesign 2023. But how do you unite two iconic design classics so that both brands can see themselves in the result? We mixed Kay Bojesen’s playful approach to iconic design with Nørgaard’s timeless stripes, and let the collaboration speak for itself.

There are things that never go out of style. Iconic craftsmanship, iconic design, curiosity and the pride of being exactly like no other. Therefore, in collaboration with Mads Nørgaard – Copenhagen, we have dressed Kay Bojesen’s much-loved monkey in the well-known 101 T-shirt.