International digital lead campaign for the SME segment

A campaign about nothing

Securitas is the world's leading security group, and is present in 47 countries worldwide. That's why they say: We help make your world a safer place.


Using visual material from the international brand platform, we had to develop a digital lead campaign for small and medium-sized companies.

International campaign

The campaign has run in both Denmark and Sweden, and is now being versioned for the German, French and Norwegian markets.

This is what safety looks like

It is difficult to generate interest in a low interest category on social media. It is more difficult when the image page is given in advance. And it’s really difficult when the settings are boring office landscapes and empty warehouses. In fact, we only had the title and audio page left to play with.


So we did.


That’s why Securitas bought a campaign with headlines like “Nothing happening can be good for business” and “You can expect nothing from us”. Built on an insight that sometimes the best thing that can happen is – nothing.